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China 1 series PTO Joint Double Cardan Joints Drive Shaft Parts Assembly Assy drive shaft bushing



What is a drive shaft?

If you notice a clicking noise while driving, it is most likely the driveshaft. An experienced auto mechanic will be able to tell you if the noise is coming from both sides or from one side. If it only happens on one side, you should check it. If you notice noise on both sides, you should contact a mechanic. In either case, a replacement driveshaft should be easy to find.

The drive shaft is a mechanical part

A driveshaft is a mechanical device that transmits rotation and torque from the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. This component is essential to the operation of any driveline, as the mechanical power from the engine is transmitted to the PTO (power take-off) shaft, which hydraulically transmits that power to connected equipment. Different drive shafts contain different combinations of joints to compensate for changes in shaft length and angle. Some types of drive shafts include connecting shafts, internal constant velocity joints, and external fixed joints. They also contain anti-lock system rings and torsional dampers to prevent overloading the axle or causing the wheels to lock.
Although driveshafts are relatively light, they need to handle a lot of torque. Torque applied to the drive shaft produces torsional and shear stresses. Because they have to withstand torque, these shafts are designed to be lightweight and have little inertia or weight. Therefore, they usually have a joint, coupling or rod between the two parts. Components can also be bent to accommodate changes in the distance between them.
The drive shaft can be made from a variety of materials. The most common material for these components is steel, although alloy steels are often used for high-strength applications. Alloy steel, chromium or vanadium are other materials that can be used. The type of material used depends on the application and size of the component. In many cases, metal driveshafts are the most durable and cheapest option. Plastic shafts are used for light duty applications and have different torque levels than metal shafts.

It transfers power from the engine to the wheels

A car’s powertrain consists of an electric motor, transmission, and differential. Each section performs a specific job. In a rear-wheel drive vehicle, the power generated by the engine is transmitted to the rear tires. This arrangement improves braking and handling. The differential controls how much power each wheel receives. The torque of the engine is transferred to the wheels according to its speed.
The transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels. It is also called “transgender”. Its job is to ensure power is delivered to the wheels. Electric cars cannot drive themselves and require a gearbox to drive forward. It also controls how much power reaches the wheels at any given moment. The transmission is the last part of the power transmission chain. Despite its many names, the transmission is the most complex component of a car’s powertrain.
The driveshaft is a long steel tube that transmits mechanical power from the transmission to the wheels. Cardan joints connect to the drive shaft and provide flexible pivot points. The differential assembly is mounted on the drive shaft, allowing the wheels to turn at different speeds. The differential allows the wheels to turn at different speeds and is very important when cornering. Axles are also important to the performance of the car.

It has a rubber boot that protects it from dust and moisture

To keep this boot in good condition, you should clean it with cold water and a rag. Never place it in the dryer or in direct sunlight. Heat can deteriorate the rubber and cause it to shrink or crack. To prolong the life of your rubber boots, apply rubber conditioner to them regularly. Indigenous peoples in the Amazon region collect latex sap from the bark of rubber trees. Then they put their feet on the fire to solidify the sap.

it has a U-shaped connector

The drive shaft has a U-joint that transfers rotational energy from the engine to the axle. Defective gimbal joints can cause vibrations when the vehicle is in motion. This vibration is often mistaken for a wheel balance problem. Wheel balance problems can cause the vehicle to vibrate while driving, while a U-joint failure can cause the vehicle to vibrate when decelerating and accelerating, and stop when the vehicle is stopped.
The drive shaft is connected to the transmission and differential using a U-joint. It allows for small changes in position between the two components. This prevents the differential and transmission from remaining perfectly aligned. The U-joint also allows the drive shaft to be connected unconstrained, allowing the vehicle to move. Its main purpose is to transmit electricity. Of all types of elastic couplings, U-joints are the oldest.
Your vehicle’s U-joints should be inspected at least twice a year, and the joints should be greased. When checking the U-joint, you should hear a dull sound when changing gears. A clicking sound indicates insufficient grease in the bearing. If you hear or feel vibrations when shifting gears, you may need to service the bearings to prolong their life.

it has a slide-in tube

The telescopic design is a modern alternative to traditional driveshaft designs. This innovative design is based on an unconventional design philosophy that combines advances in material science and manufacturing processes. Therefore, they are more efficient and lighter than conventional designs. Slide-in tubes are a simple and efficient design solution for any vehicle application. Here are some of its benefits. Read on to learn why this type of shaft is ideal for many applications.
The telescopic drive shaft is an important part of the traditional automobile transmission system. These driveshafts allow linear motion of the two components, transmitting torque and rotation throughout the vehicle’s driveline. They also absorb energy if the vehicle collides. Often referred to as foldable driveshafts, their popularity is directly dependent on the evolution of the automotive industry.

It uses a bearing press to replace worn or damaged U-joints

A bearing press is a device that uses a rotary press mechanism to install or remove worn or damaged U-joints from a drive shaft. With this tool, you can replace worn or damaged U-joints in your car with relative ease. The first step involves placing the drive shaft in the vise. Then, use the 11/16″ socket to press the other cup in far enough to install the clips. If the cups don’t fit, you can use a bearing press to remove them and repeat the process. After removing the U-joint, use a grease nipple Make sure the new grease nipple is installed correctly.
Worn or damaged U-joints are a major source of driveshaft failure. If one of them were damaged or damaged, the entire driveshaft could dislocate and the car would lose power. Unless you have a professional mechanic doing the repairs, you will have to replace the entire driveshaft. Fortunately, there are many ways to do this yourself.
If any of these warning signs appear on your vehicle, you should consider replacing the damaged or worn U-joint. Common symptoms of damaged U-joints include rattling or periodic squeaking when moving, rattling when shifting, wobbling when turning, or rusted oil seals. If you notice any of these symptoms, take your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for a full inspection. Neglecting to replace a worn or damaged u-joint on the driveshaft can result in expensive and dangerous repairs and can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

China 1 series PTO Joint Double Cardan Joints Drive Shaft Parts Assembly Assy     drive shaft bushing	China 1 series PTO Joint Double Cardan Joints Drive Shaft Parts Assembly Assy     drive shaft bushing
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Best shop made in China – replacement parts – PTO shaft manufacturer & factory High sye driveshaft Quality Elastic Pin Coupling Model Lx Series with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the biggest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing facility in China with 5 diverse branches. For much more specifics: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Best  shop  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory High  sye driveshaft Quality Elastic Pin Coupling Model Lx Series with ce certificate top quality low price

ford 8n pto adapter Our tractor pto shaft lock pin products harga travel shaft kancil are a thousand rpm pto promoting 2006 bmw x3 rear push shaft well jeep grand cherokee drive shaft in s10 drive shaft u joint alternative Chinese pto shaft lemon tubing marketplaces 2001 chevy silverado 1500 generate shaft and replacement pto shaft for bush hog some merchandise offered in intercontinental markets are properly gained by Chinese and foreign consumers at house and overseas. EPG key generation is of farming 15-five hundred horsepower tractor supporting equipment, mechanical cultivation, harvesting machinery and accessories.

LX Type Elastic Pin Coupling (GB/T5014-2003)

LX Elastic pin coupling is manufactured of numerous non-metallic elastic pins and two 50 % couplings. The coupling is linked by lacing these elastic pins into holes of two 50 % couplings, and as a result the torque is transferred.
LX Elastic pin coupling can compensate the relative offset of two axes to a specific extent. Elastic elements are sheared in the course of procedure and are typically applicable to the doing work problems of medium pace transmission shafts with reduced needs. Allowable functioning temperature setting temperature is -20ºC~+70ºC, the nominal transfer torque is 250~180000N.m.

LX Elastic Pin Coupling Fundamental Parameter And Principal Dimension(GB/T5014-2003)

Type Nominal torque
Shaft hole(mm)
Length of shaft hole(mm) D B Limited payment Rotary inertia
Y sort J,Jone,Z kind Axial Radial Angle
L L1 L mm
LX1 250 8500 12,fourteen 32 27 32 90 2.five +.5 0.fifteen ≤0°30´
0.0064 2
16,18,19 forty two 30 42
twenty,22,24 52 38 52
LX2 560 6300 twenty,22,24 fifty two 38 52 120 2.5 +1 0.fifteen ≤0°30´ 0.253 5
25,28 sixty two 44 sixty two
30,32,35 eighty two sixty eighty two
LX3 1250 4750 30,32,35,38 82 60 82 160 2.five +1 0.15 ≤0°30´ 0.6 8
40,forty two,45,forty eight 112 eighty four 112
LX4 2500 3870 40,45,45,48,50,
fifty five,fifty six
112 eighty four 112 195 3 +one.five 0.fifteen ≤0°30´ 3.4 22
sixty,63 142 107 142
LX5 3150 3450 50,fifty five,fifty six 142 107 142 220 3 +one.5 0.fifteen ≤0°30´ 5.four 30
sixty,63,sixty five,70,seventy one,
142 107 142
LX6 6300 2720 sixty,sixty three,65,70,71,
142 107 142 280 4 +two 0.twenty ≤0°30´ 15.6 53
eighty five 172 132 172
LX7 11200 2360 70,71,seventy five 142 107 142 320 4 +two 0.20 ≤0°30´ 41.one 98
eighty,eighty five,ninety,ninety five 172 132 172
one hundred,110 212 167 212
LX8 16000 2120 80,85,ninety,ninety five 212 167 212 360 5 +two 0.20 ≤0°30´ 56.six 119
a hundred,110,120,125 212 167 212
LX9 22400 1850 100,a hundred and ten,one hundred twenty,one hundred twenty five 212 167 212 410 5 +2 0.20 ≤0°30´ 133.three 197
130,140 252 202 252
LX10 35500 1600 one hundred ten,one hundred twenty,one hundred twenty five 212 167 212 480 6 +two.5 0.25 ≤0°30´ 273.2 322
130,140,150 252 202 252
one hundred sixty,170,one hundred eighty 302 202 252
LX11 50000 1400 one hundred thirty,a hundred and forty,150 252 202 252 540 6 +two.five 0.twenty five ≤0°30´ 555.7 520
160,a hundred and seventy,one hundred eighty 302 242 302
a hundred ninety,200,220 352 282 352
LX12 80000 1220 160,a hundred and seventy,180 302 242 302 630 7 +2.five 0.twenty five ≤0°30´ 902 714
a hundred ninety,200,220 352 282 352
240,250,260 410 330
LX13 125000 1080 a hundred ninety,200,220 352 282 352 710 8 +3 0.twenty five ≤0°30´ 1700 1057
240,250,260 410 330
280,three hundred 470 380
LX14 180000 950 240,250,260 410 330 800 8 +3 0.25 ≤0°30´ 4318 1956
280,300,320 470 380
340 550 450

Observe:Coupling weights and rotary inertia in the sheet are calculated in accordance to the minimum diameter of the shaft hole and the blend of J/Y shaft hole.

Solution Show

♦Other Items Listing

Transmission Machinery 
Elements Title
Common Coupling WS,WSD,WSP
Cardan Shaft SWC,SWP,SWZ
Tooth Coupling CL,CLZ,GCLD,GIICL,
Substantial Flexible Coupling LM
Chain Coupling GL
Jaw Coupling LT
Grid Coupling JS

♦Our Organization
Our business materials distinct kinds of products. Substantial good quality and sensible cost. We stick to the principle of “top quality very first, service initial, constant advancement and innovation to meet the customers” for the administration and “zero defect, zero problems” as the quality aim. To EPT our support, we offer the merchandise with excellent top quality at the sensible cost.

Welcome to personalize merchandise from our manufacturing facility and you should offer your design drawings or speak to us if you need to have other demands.

♦Our Providers
1.Design Services
Our design and style crew has encounter in cardan shaft relating to product design and improvement. If you have any wants for your new merchandise or wish to make more enhancements, we are listed here to offer our support.

2.Solution Solutions
uncooked materia EPT → Cutting → Forging →Rough machining →Shot blasting →Heat remedy →Testing →Fashioning →Cleaning→ Assembly→Packing→Shipping

3.Samples Method
We could develop the sample in accordance to your prerequisite and amend the sample consistently to meet your want.

4.Study & Improvement
We usually analysis the new wants of the marketplace and produce the new product when there is new autos in the market place.

five.Top quality Manage
Every phase should be EPT check by Expert Employees according to the stHangZhourd of ISO9001 and TS16949.

Q 1: Are you trading organization or company?
A: We are a expert maker specializing in manufacturing
a variety of collection of couplings.

Q 2:Can you do OEM?
Yes, we can. We can do OEM & ODM for all the customers with customized artworks of PDF or AI structure.

Q 3:How lengthy is your delivery time?
Normally it is 20-thirty days if the goods are not in inventory. It is according to amount.

Q 4: Do you offer samples ? Is it cost-free or extra ?
Yes, we could offer you the sample but not for free.In fact we have a very great value basic principle, when you make the bulk order then cost of sample will be deducted.

Q 5: How long is your warranty?
A: Our Warranty is 12 month below typical circumstance.

Q 6: What is the MOQ?
A:Normally our MOQ is 1pcs.

Q 7: Do you have inspection methods for coupling ?
A:one hundred% self-inspection prior to packing.

Q 8: Can I have a check out to your factory just before the get?
A: Positive,welcome to pay a visit to our factory.

Q 9: What’s your payment?
A:1) T/T. 2) L/C 

Best  shop  made in China - replacement parts - PTO shaft manufacturer & factory High  sye driveshaft Quality Elastic Pin Coupling Model Lx Series with ce certificate top quality low price

China China series 4 pto shaft with clutch 178f Fa Air Cooled 4-Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the most significant agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing unit in China with five distinct branches. For much more details: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

China  China   series 4 pto shaft with clutch 178f Fa Air Cooled   4-Stroke   Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with ce certificate top quality low price

Utilizes: Widely used to install in threshers and agricultural equipment. China Air Cooled / four-Stroke /One Cylinder EPT Engine

With Strict Testing from Spare Parts to complete Device,
Higher high quality electricity output
Competent mechanical seal system
Compact in construction and hassle-free for have
Straightforward commencing by recoil or E-start(crucial start off with battery)
EPT balancer shaft within lowers the vibration to the minimal level

1. Solitary cylinder. 4-stroke air -cooled EPT motor

two. Combustion technique: Direct injection

3. Power get off: Crankshaft or camshaft(camshaft PTO rpmis)

four. Commencing method: Recoil or electric powered is optional

5. Option: Oil bath air cleaner is optional

Product Overview

About us

Situated: HangZhou City, ZHangZhoug Province, China
Main Business: Generator, Water Pump & Engine
Historical past: 14 years experience for manufacturing
Marketing network: Europe, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, etc
Certification: CCC, CE, ISO9001, SONCAP, EPA, SGS, BV
Warranty: 12 months warranty for all products
Engineering: Professional technical engineers and R&D team
Administration: Scientific management and strict quality control system
Equipments: Advanced automatic production line and test equipment
Innovation: Continuously diversify products range to satisfy customers
Production capacity: 50000PCS/thirty day period
Marketing mode: 100% export business




1.Q:What goods are you manufacturing unit production?
A:We manufacture Turbines ,Water Pumps & Engines .
two.Q:In which is your factory positioned? How can I go to there?
A: Our factory is located in HangZhou City, ZHangZhoug Province, China, about two several hours train from ZheJiang . All our customers, from home or abroad, are warmly welcome to pay a visit to us!
3.Q:What is the materials of your goods?
A: Only New materials can be utilised for our items.
Materia EPT for Generator: a hundred% Pure Crankcase, a hundred% Pure Copper Wire
Materia EPT for H2o Pump: one hundred% Pure Auminium Pump human body and Crankcase
four.Q:What is Bare minimum Get amount?
A: MOQ fifty/one hundred parts for various items.
You are welcomed to seek the advice of for information.
five.Q:What is the Quality Warranty for the items?
A: Our goods are based on twelve-18 months good quality assure in accordance to distinct grade spare elements given that client received the goods.

6.Q: What are the high quality assure contents?

  A: The merchandise will be strictly examined ahead of export

      Non-human hurt, totally free placecement parts

      We give on-line specialized information communication by way of e mail, telephone, vedio or chatting also EPT 24 hrs a day

      Engineer is availabe to be overseas for following-sale service

      From the interior parts to the outside packing, we not only make common high quality test, but also believe ahead for a far better solution. Besides firm QC program, we have accomplished CE & SONCAP certificate.

LONFA  makes your existence much more convenient !


China  China   series 4 pto shaft with clutch 178f Fa Air Cooled   4-Stroke   Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with ce certificate top quality low price

China  China   series 4 pto shaft with clutch 178f Fa Air Cooled   4-Stroke   Single Cylinder Diesel Engine with ce certificate top quality low price

Helical China john deere 48 tiller pto shaft in Brasilia Brazil Gearbox S Series with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the most significant agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing unit in China with 5 different branches. For far more details: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Helical  China   john deere 48 tiller pto shaft  in Brasilia Brazil  Gearbox S Series with ce certificate top quality low price

S series helical-worm reduction gearbox

one. Size:37,47,57,sixty seven,seventy seven,87,ninety seven
two. S sequence helical-worm speed reducer adopts the helical equipment worm wheel kind to make the structure a lot more realistic.
3.The sequence not only has greater transmission effectiveness and loading ability than people of one-stage worm wheel transmission, but also decreases room.Additionally,below the near quantity,the series can get increased transmission ratio and is a lot more favorable for tools setting. 
4. The item can be blended with different reducers and variators to meet the distinct requiements.
5. Mounting position: Vertical, horizontal,Shaft ,Falnge


S collection helical-worm reduction gearbox
Efficiency 55%-eighty%(Relies upon on the transmission phase)
Housing Material HT250 large-power c EPT iron
Gearing Content 20CrMnTi Alloy Metal
Area Hardness Of Gears HRC58°~62 °
Enter/Output Shaft Substance 40CrMnTi Alloy Steel
Machining Precision Of Gears Accurate grinding, 6 Grade
Warmth Treatment Tempering, Cementiting, Quenching, and so forth
Specification 37-97 7 variety completely
Temp. increase(MAX) 40C
Temp. rise(Oil MAX) 50C
Sounds(MAX) sixty five-70dB

one. Higher modularization design and style:may equip with various motor or other power input conveniently. Very same equipment kind may equip with various electricity motor. It is easy to realize the blend and junction among each machine type.
two. Transmission ratio:fantastic division, vast scope. The merged machine type may possibly kind quite massive transmission ratio, i.e. output really low rotary pace.
three. Large power, compact structure: the box human body is created of large energy c EPT iron. Gear and equipment shaft adapts the fuel carbonization, quenching and fantastic grinding process, for that reason the bearing capacity of unit quantity is large.
4. Prolonged lifestyle: Beneath the problem of correct type selected (including picking appropriate procedure parameters) standard procedure and routine maintenance, the life of primary parts of pace reducer (apart from donning parts) must not be much less than 20000 hrs. The wearing areas include lubricating oil, oil seal and bearing.
five. Lower noise: simply because principal components of speed reducer are processed, assembled and tested critically, therefore the sound of velocity reducer is minimal.
six. Could bear more substantial radial load.
7. It may possibly bear the axial load that is not more than 15% of radial pressure.

NMRV Worm Pace Equipment Reducer
NRV Worm Speed Equipment Reducer
Stainless Steel Worm Reducer
Lower Backlash Worm Reducer and Zero Backlash Servo Gearbox
Worm Equipment Box For Photo voltaic Monitoring Technique
Worm Reducer For Dried Powder Push
Worm Gear Reducers For Hoists
Worm Gear Reducers For Winch
Servo Worm Gearboxes

Worm Reducer For Paper Slicing Device
Worm Reducer For Steady Casting Equipment Of Foundry
C EPT Iron Worm Reducers
Stainless Steel Worm Speed Reducer
Worm Gear Reducers For Automated Auto Washing Machines Push
Worm Gearbox Reducers For The Biomass Boiler Sector

Worm Gear Travel Screw Actuator
Worm Reducer For EPT Hoist
Worm Reducer For Rubber Tire Curing Push
Worm Reducer For Pipe Welding Machine

Worm Gear Slew Drive
Arc Equipment Cylindrical Worm Gearbox
Motor Worm Gearboxes Gw10 With Chain Coupling For Greenhouse
Motor Worm Gearboxes Gw150s Chain Coupling For Screening Methods
and many others…
For much more kind of gearboxes, remember to deliver us inquiry!




Our Firm
Ever-electrical power Group specialist in creating all types of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission like: planetary gearboxes, worm reducers, in-line helical gear velocity reducers, parallel shaft helical gear reducers, helical bevel reducers, helical worm gear reducers, agricultural gearboxes, tractor gearboxes, vehicle gearboxes, pto shafts, EPT reducer & relevant gear components and other relevant goods, sprockets, hydraulic program, vacuum pumps, fluid coupling, gear racks, chains, timing pulleys, udl speed variators, v pulleys, hydraulic cylinder, gear pumps, screw air compressors, shaft collars low backlash worm reducers and so on. moreover, we can produce tailored variators, geared motors, electrical motors and other hydraulic products in accordance to customers’ drawings.
We supplies a trustworthy grantee for the product’ s high quality by superior inspection and testing gear. skilled specialized group, beautiful processing technological innovation and stringent control program. 
In recent a long time, the firm has been building speedily by its abundant expertise in manufacturing, advanced administration system, standardized management system, robust technological drive. We usually adhere the notion of survival by top quality, and development by innovation in science and technology. 
Our Group is willing to function with you hand in hand and develop brilliance collectively! 

Content obtainable

Reduced carbon steel, C45, 20CrMnTi, 42CrMo, 40Cr, stainless metal. Can be tailored relating to customer needs.

Floor remedy

Blacking, galvanization, chroming, electrophoresis, coloration painting, …


Heat remedy

High frequency quenching warmth treatment method, hardened tooth, carbonizing, nitride, …



Q: Are you buying and selling business or manufacturer ?

A: Our group is made up in 3 factories and 2 overseas sales companies.

Q: Do you supply samples ? is it totally free or further ?
A: Yes, we could offer you the sample for free of charge charge but do not pay out the expense of freight.

Q: How prolonged is your delivery time ? What is your conditions of payment ?
A: Normally it is forty-forty five times. The time could range based on the merchandise and the stage of customization. For normal goods, the payment is: 30% T/T in EPT ,harmony ahead of shippment.

Q: What is the actual MOQ or cost for your merchandise ?
A: As an OEM company, we can provide and adapt our merchandise to a extensive variety of demands.As a result, MOQ and cost may possibly tremendously fluctuate with measurement, content and further specs For instance, pricey goods or common items will normally have a reduced MOQ. Remember to contact us with all relev EPT detai EPT to get the most correct quotation.

If you have an additional question, please truly feel cost-free to speak to us.

Packing & Shipping
Also I would like to take this possibility to give a quick introduction of our Ever-Energy firm:

Our company is a renowned producer of agriculture gearbox,worm minimize gearbox, PTO shafts, Sprockets ,rollar chains, bevel gear, pulleys and racks in china.

We have exported numerous items to our buyers all in excess of the planet, we have prolonged-time experience and robust technology assistance. 

Some of our client :
France: Itfran, Sedies
Brazil: AEMCO ,STU 
United states of america: John Deere , BLOUNT, Weasler, Agco, Omni Equipment, WOODS
Canada: JAY-LOR , CANIMEX ,RingBall

-Ø Our Company with over twelve year’s historical past and a thousand personnel and 20 income.
-Ø With above one hundred Million USD revenue in 2017
-Ø With EPT equipment equipments
-Ø With massive operate capacity and high good quality manage, ISO qualified.

You also can examine our site to know for far more specifics, if you need to have our items catalogue, remember to speak to with us.





Helical  China   john deere 48 tiller pto shaft  in Brasilia Brazil  Gearbox S Series with ce certificate top quality low price

5tym-850p China generator for tractor pto Series of Maize Peeling and Threshing Machine with Pto Shaft Factory with ce certificate top quality low price

5tym-850p  China   generator for tractor pto Series of Maize Peeling and Threshing Machine with Pto Shaft Factory with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the biggest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing facility in China with five diverse branches. For far more specifics: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

The lemon tube is suited for transmissible electricity of 16-35HP, it is the chosen selection for large speeds and low torque transmission. The two-lobe lemon tube grants reduced vibrations up to 2600 rpm with lengths not exceeding 800mm. AC collection with six-lobe tubes (star) PTO Shaft Protection Suggestions The most frequent PTO related injuries tend to take place when articles or blog posts of loose apparel turn out to be entangled in the shaft. When running the PTO, never reach in excess of the shaft for any explanation and steer clear of putting on free-fitting garments. Injuries can happen swiftly, delivering the operator minor time to respond, and in some circumstances resulting in death. pto shaft handles for sale Our peugeot 106 driveshaft organization hydraulic pump with pto shaft is 2005 subaru outback generate shaft situated industrial generate shafts in various pto shafts XiHu honda s2000 drive shaft HangZhou weasler pto Zhejiang new holland 488 haybine pto shaft Province. pto shaft slip yoke T 5TYM-850 Maize Peeling and Corn Thresher Equipment with Tractor Pto shaft Sheller with the greatest cost
Our corn /maize thresher is broadly used for livestock breeding, farms, and home use. It is employed shelling Maize from cobs. The equipment separates the kernels from the cobs with an wonderful speed without any breakage of the kernels as effectively as cobs.
There are two sorts of power for them: diesel motor or electric powered motor. You can decide on every single sort in your need to have.
This maize threshing equipment is fairly easy and possessing substantial output. It is also very effortlessly transportable because of own wheel and connected body. 

Model 5TY-850 5TY-850T
Performance (kg/h) 4000-5000 4000-5000
Threshing charge (%) ≥97 ≥97
Breakage charge (%) ≤2 ≤2
Rotation speed (r/min) one thousand one thousand
Weight (kg) 360 160
Energy 15hp diesel   or seven.5KW motor Tractor   PTO power, 540r/min

Q: Are you investing firm or company ?
A: We are factory.
Q: How lengthy is your shipping time?
A: Generally it is 1-3 days if the products are in inventory. or it is 7-15 days if the goods are not in inventory, it is according to amount.
Q: Do you supply samples ? is it free of charge or extra ?
A: Sure, we could supply the sample for cost-free charge but do not spend the expense of freight.
Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: Payment=3000USD, 30% T/T in progress
 ,stability ahead of shippment.
If you have one more question, pls feel free to get in touch with us as underneath:

Make contact with: Allen Gao
Mobile phone/ : 86-18053402558
World wide web:
 Yucheng Liansheng Equipment Co.,Ltd.
 Yucheng Town,Shandong Province, China

The use of first gear manufacturer’s (OEM) portion figures or logos , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating solution use and compatibility. Our firm and the shown replacement components contained herein are not sponsored, approved, or manufactured by the OEM.

5tym-850p  China   generator for tractor pto Series of Maize Peeling and Threshing Machine with Pto Shaft Factory with ce certificate top quality low price