Bonding Cheap made in China – replacement parts – in Makhachkala Russian Federation Process System for Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings Paint with top quality

Bonding  Cheap  made in China - replacement parts -  in Makhachkala Russian Federation  Process System for Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings Paint with top quality

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1. Mixers:

one.1 Automated Container Mixer

Automatic container mixer is wor ept with ongoing materials trolleys, the container fills the supplies and lifted up and connnected tightly with mixing head automatically. The mixing head tilts jointly with the containers, and then obtain the homogeneous mixing result, right after finishing mixing as for every placing time, and return to unique situation, the complete method will be managed by PLC

Main Functions:

Many detachable containers for round operation
High efficiency
Adopting PLC to recognize automation
Homogenized mixture
No curing granule
Practical for cleaning and servicing
Safe and relaiable procedure

Technical Knowledge:

Product Volume (L) Output (kg/tank) Mixing Motor (kw) Tilting Motor (kw) Crushing Motor (kw) Mixing Time (min) Handle Method All round Proportions (MM)
FHJ-fifteen fifteen eight 1.5     five-ten PLC  750*480*950
FHJ-120 a hundred and twenty 60 five.5 .two   five-10 PLC  1800*1800*1950
FHJ-150  one hundred fifty 70 five.five .37 two.2 five-10 PLC  2150*1100*2300 
FHJ-300 three hundred a hundred and fifty 15 3 2.two five-10 PLC  2150*1100*2300 
FHJ-600  600 300 22 four four 5-ten PLC  2650*1250*2700 
FHJ-one thousand 1000 five hundred 30 four four 5-ten PLC  2900*1550*3100 
FHJ-2000  2000 1000 forty five 5.five five.five 5-10 PLC  3500*2350*3650 

1.2 High Speed Pre-Mixer:


Substantial effectiveness & simple operation

Easy coloration altering, risk-free cleaning

Merged mixing & crushing as one

Mixing time preseting, limited & homogeneous

Superb sealing, powder lea ept cost-free

Vertical or horizontal kind as optional

Technical Data:

Design Volume (L) Mixing Motor (kw) Crushing Motor (kw) Mixing Time (min) General Dimensions (mm)
GHJ-twenty twenty .55 .37 three-five seven-hundred*500*800
GHJ-one hundred a hundred 3 one.five 3-five 1000*600*900
GHJ-two hundred two hundred 5.5 3 3-five 1500*900*1400
GHJ-three hundred 300 7.5 4 3-six 1800*900*1400
GHJ-500 500 15 5.five 4-6 1800*1300*1800
GHJ-800 800 18.5 7.five four-6 1900*1300*2000
GHJ-one thousand a thousand 22 7.5 four-6 2300*1400*2000

1.3 Double Cone Mixer:

This twin-cone mixer is composed of a rotating container with two cones and two stirrers. This device is applicable for powder coating, pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, dyestuff, and other multi-compound materials. It has impressive result in mixing powders and particles with reasonably very good fluidity. Its barrel is created of stainless metal, which is polished the two inside and outdoors, featuring gorgeous appearance and straightforward operation.

Complex Knowledge:

Model Quantity (L) Output (kg/tank) Rotating Motor (kw) Mixing Motor (kw) Mixing Time (min) Total Dimensions (mm)
SXH-a hundred three hundred a hundred and fifty one.5 one.five -30 1760*830*2030
SXH-two hundred 400 two hundred one.5 one.five -30 1830*830*2150
SXH-300 600 three hundred 2.2 1.5 -thirty 1980*one thousand*2275
SXH-five hundred a thousand five hundred 4 four 1-30 2630*1140*2620
SXH-1000 2000 a thousand five.five five.5 -30 3060*1440*2860
SXH-1500 3000 1500 seven.5 seven.five -thirty 3700*2000*2970
SXH-2000 4000 2000 eight.five 8.5 -30 3800*2500*3500

2. Twin-Screw Extruder

2.1 Large torque & Substantial Speed Rotation Twin-Screw Extruder:

Principal Attributes:

*Complete Gearbox from expert EPT maker, low noise, durable longevity

*High screw speed, higher shearing, rapid discharge

*Unbiased lube oil cooling system design and style

*Torque limiter to shield the generate prepare

*Ideal for reclaim powder, unique powder creation

*Break up design of barrel and liner inserts for straightforward cleansing and maintainence

*Top & Side feeding possibilities

*Other features very same as traditional variety extruder

Technical Parameters:

Model Potential (kg/h) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Size (mm) Screw Pace (r/min) Primary Motor (kw) Feeder Motor (kw) Heating Power (kw) Overall Dimensions (mm)
TSX-forty 80-260 40 16D -800 eleven/15/eighteen.5 .55 8 1850*seven-hundred*1750
TSX-52 a hundred and fifty-450 52 16D -800 22/thirty/37 .seventy five ten 2700*900*2200
TSX-65 four hundred-one thousand 65 16D -800 45/fifty five/75 one.1 12 2900*one thousand*2400
TSX-75 800-1200 seventy five 16D -800 75/ninety one.five sixteen 3100*1200*2500
TSX-eighty five 1200-1800 85 16D -800 90/one hundred ten 2.2 20 3700*1500*2900

two.2 Standard Type Co-Rotation Parallel Twin Screw Extruder


*Powerful shearing, straightforward cleansing

*Accurate auto temperature management, large cooling & heating exchagne

*Hinged clamshell sort barrel opening, segmented liners for effortless replacing and expense saving

*Feeder effortless assembly & disassembly, internal composition to avoid agglomeration

*Configurable screw used for defferent powder formulation

*Screw and barrel undertake specific supplies like Cr12MoV, CPM, and so forth., large donning resisting

*Really gearbox with low noise dB level

*Torque limiter to shield the drive practice

*Reduced strength usage

Complex Parameters:

Product Capacity (kg/h) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Size Screw Pace (r/min) Principal Motor (kw) Feeder Motor (kw) Heating Electricity (kw) General Dimensions (mm)
SLJ-40 eighty-220 40 16D -five hundred 11/15/eighteen.5 .fifty five four 1800*600*1700
SLJ-fifty 150-300 50 16D -five hundred 22/30 .75 8 2600*700*2000
SLJ-55 three hundred-four hundred fifty five 16D -500 thirty/37 .75 eight 2700*900*2300
SLJ-60 400-600 sixty 16D -five hundred forty five one.1 12 2750*1000*2350
SLJ-75 600-800 75 16D -500 fifty five one.five twelve 2900*1100*2400
SLJ-eighty 800-1200 eighty 16D -five hundred 75/ninety 2.two twenty 3700*800*2800

two.3 Lab Sort Extruder

Technological Parameters:

Product Ability (kg/h) Screw Diameter (mm) Screw Size Screw Pace (r/min) Major Motor (kw) Feeder Motor (kw) Heating Electricity (kw) Overall Dimensions (mm)
TSX-20 .2-ten 22 16D -600 two.2-four .one 2 1600*300*850
SLJ-30 1-30 thirty 16D -five hundred 3-5.five .eighteen three.2 1430*550*1300
SLJ-32 40-80 32 16D -500 7.5/eleven .twenty five three.2 1600*five hundred*1500

3 Cooling Belt

3.1 Drinking water Cooled Cooling Belt with Flaker:


Steady high quality imported metal belt

Base cooling water spraying method, installed heating and cooling gadget

Equipped with manual unit to avoid deforming

Far better cooling consequence, increased efficient efficiency

Handful of upkeep and simple cleansing

Chips thickness and roller speed adjustable

Crusher with finger pin and tooth type

Minimized cross contamination, basic procedure

Specialized Parameters:

Design Roller Dia. (mm) Belt Width (mm) Belt Size (mm) Generate Motor (kw) Capacity (kg/h) Cooling Method Overall Proportions (mm)
GDY-406 220 600 4000 1.five 200-four hundred Cooled Drinking water 4000*750*1600
GDY-508 325 800 5000 3 400-five hundred Cooled Drinking water 5000*900*1800
GDY-510 325 1000 5000 3 500-700 Cooled H2o 5000*1100*1900
GDY-610 440 a thousand 6000 four 600-800 Cooled Drinking water 6000*1100*1900
GDY-612 440 1200 6000 four seven-hundred-900 Cooled Drinking water 6000*1400*1900
GDY-712 600 one thousand 7000 five.5 900-1200 Cooled H2o 7000*1400*2000

three.2 Air Cooled Sort Caterpillar Cooling Belt with Flaker:


Stainless metal made caterpillar, air cooling

Flake chips thichness and conveying pace adjustable

Realistic design and style for cooling rollers within, skilled surface area remedy to steer clear of drinking water lea ept and rust

Mounted with simplified air conditioning device

Secure operation, like unexpected emergency button, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.

Complex Parameters:

Model Roller Dia. (mm) Belt Width (mm) Belt Duration (mm)  Drive Motor (kw) Blower Motor (kw) Capability (kg/h) Cooling Manner Overall Proportions (mm)
JFY-204  160/a hundred and sixty four hundred 2000 .55 200-400 30-one hundred Chilled H2o&Air 2000*450*900
JFY-406 160/220 600 4000 .seventy five four hundred-five hundred one hundred-220 Chilled Water&Air 4000*850*950
JFY-508 one hundred eighty/325 700 5000 .seventy five 500-seven-hundred 220-four hundred Chilled Drinking water&Air 5000*1050*1200
JFY-510 a hundred and eighty/325 800 5000 1.1 600-800 400-five hundred Chilled H2o&Air 5000*1150*1200
JFY-610 a hundred and eighty/325 800 6000 one.1 seven hundred-900 500-seven-hundred Chilled Water&Air 6000*1150*1200
JFY-710 a hundred and eighty/325 a thousand 6000 one.5 900-1200 600-900 Chilled H2o&Air 7000*1250*1450
JFY-812 one hundred eighty/325 a thousand 7000 two.2 900-1200 900-1200 Chilled H2o&Air 8000*1650*1600

3.3 PU Kind Air Cooled Cooling Belt


Adjustable thichness and roller pace

Air cooled to avoid cross contamination

Roller and crusher geared up with overload defense

Higher efficiencies

A single piece PU belt to faciliate simple cleaning and maintenance

Compact layout for restricted place

Specialized Parameters:

Design Roll Dia. (mm) Band Width (mm) Band Duration (mm) Motor Energy (kw) Throughput (kg/h) Dimensions (mm)
PFY-104 156 400 one thousand 50 one thousand*870*1050
PFY-206 220 600 2000 a hundred and fifty 2000*1150*1100
PFY-208 445 800 2000 2.2 300 2000*1100*1100
PFY-210 445 1000 2000 two.two five hundred 2000*1300*1100
PFY-310 622 one thousand 3000 2.two 800 2000*1300*1200

four ACM (Air Classifier Mill) Grinding Program


Basic safety in accordance with EU explosion resistant normal ATEX/PSR11

Low sounds style (from mill to admirer technique)

Particle measurement distribution adjustable on request

Mill body temperature and air intake quantity checking

Rotary sieve with exclusive layout and resilient for mesh dress in problem

Entire grinding technique designed for powder dust free

Finished powder products wLugs (tabs) on the outdoors diameter of the FRICTION DISCS suit into corresponding slots in the SLEEVE. The inside diameter of the Drive DISCS are related to the Generate HUB by means of gear teeth or other generate geometries. The SLEEVE involves a precision machined pilot onto which a sprocket, pulley, sheave, coupling or adapter can be hooked up.ith far more than 98 %

Large output, easy operation cleaning and upkeep

Technical Parameters:

Design Mill Motor kw Rotor rpm Classifier Motor Classifier rpm Enthusiast kw Air cbm/h Ability kg/h Total dimensions mm
ACM-02 two.two 12000 .37 -3000 3 350 two-thirty 1430*550*1300
ACM-05 4 11000 .seventy five -3000 4 800 30-eighty 2100*one thousand*2150
ACM-ten seven.5 7000 1.5 -3000 11 2500 100-260 6200*1250*3200
ACM-15 eleven 7000 1.five -3000 15 3000 two hundred-350 6500*1300*3300
ACM-twenty fifteen 6600 two.2 -3000 22 3500 three hundred-four hundred 7500*1300*3600
ACM-30 22 5500 three -3000 thirty 4500 four hundred-550 7900*1500*3600
ACM-40 30 4600 five.five -3000 37 5500 600-800 8000*1700*3600
ACM-fifty 37 4000 seven.five -3000 45 6500 a thousand-1200 9000*1900*3900
ACM-60 forty five 3500 7.five -3000 fifty five 8000 1200-1600 9000*2000*4000


Xihu (West Lake) is a foremost company in China of Powder Coating Production Equipments, i.e. Mixers, Extruders, Cooling Belt and Air Classifier Mill. We inherit 30 a long time of activities in this ept and have exported to practically thirty countries and regions in the past ten several years, and get broadly very good reputations.

We handed CE certification approval and ATEX explosion resistant check, and so forth. global requirements, we do know how to satisfy the diversified and custom-made manufactured requests of our buyers.

Our everlasting company philosophy: consistant high quality, powerful communication, liable support.

The use of authentic equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) component quantities or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference needs only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our firm and the detailed replacement parts contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or made by the OEM.

Bonding  Cheap  made in China - replacement parts -  in Makhachkala Russian Federation  Process System for Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings Paint with top quality

Bonding  Cheap  made in China - replacement parts -  in Makhachkala Russian Federation  Process System for Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings Paint with top quality

Bonding  Cheap  made in China - replacement parts -  in Makhachkala Russian Federation  Process System for Bonded Metallic Powder Coatings Paint with top quality